"Merry Christmas, Angel! =)"

Merry Christmas Din po ate elle :)

Put a LETTER in my ask box and I’ll tell you 5 things I love starting with that letter.

"awesome haul!! :D"

Kamsahamnida Unnie :)

Collective Christmas shopping part #1 

Annyeong Haseyo :D  Today im going to share my Collective Christmas shopping :) I Purchase  them with my own savings  :D

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Ready for the holidays yet? So are we! Time to start giving back! ♥

Seven winners will win their choice of an instock item! Please note that what you want may not be there once the giveaway is over.


  • Like once
  • Reblog as much as you like, but don’t overdo it
  • Open internationally
  • No giveaway blogs
  • Ask box must be open and you must reply to my message I send you within 48 hours to claim your prize
  • Need to get a fangirl/fanboy a present? Every item you order from now counts as ten entries. Just include your tumblr name with your items.
  • ENDS DECEMBER 17TH. Winners will be announced a couple days after.

Have fun and good luck! Thanks for supporting us ♥ ^___^

Etude house Wanna be Diary :)

Annyeong Haseyo :) today im going to share the Etude House Wannabe Diary :) i saw this at the etude house Blog :) and witch i think it is only available in south korea :) but anyways i wanted to share to all of the Princesses :)

Too cute right? :D

The illustrator of the wanna be Winter Limited edition collection is Annika Wester :)

It Contains a 2012 and 2013 Calendar :)

You can put 20 Kinds of sweet stories to your diary :)

It contains a Yearly plan also :)

A monthly Plan :D omooo so cute ~__~ but i can’t understand it -___-

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Etude house Wannabe Winter 2011 Limited Edition Collection:)

Etude house Winter collection :D

“The Etude Girl is a lovable, witty, chic girl and the inspiration for wannabes.”
– Annika Wester

Are you a certified Etude Girl, or just a wannabe? Capture the spirit of the true Etude Girl with our upcoming makeup collection, Wannabe! Featuring the designs of Annika Wester, illustrator for various fashion and beauty brands, this limited edition makeup line will define who the real Etude Princess is from the one who’s not! ;)

Illustrations by Annika Wester. This Limited Edition Collection features three styles of beauty, Play, Love and Pop.

For PLAY, it features playful and bright colors for the eyes, lips and cheeks. Its concept is entirely on playing around with make-up to suit those with carefree and extroverted personality. Something very suitable to our beloved 4D Dara.

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Hey guys im back and i went to tutuban today XD as you can see :D these were the things i bought haha :D i was suppose to buy a traincase for all my makeup but i didn’t had that enough money haha so i bought accessories and a shoes XD 

The things i bought was (not in a particular order XD )

-2 boxes of pepero :D i loved them ever since etude house gave them for free 11.11.11 :D  pepero day so i came searching for it haha the S.A’s told me that they weren’t available in the philippines haha but luckly i went to sort of Korean store then i saw this haha :D they were PHP50 pesos each :D hahaha .

There is something about Accessories that have owl in them that i am addicted to like i think its super cute and UGHH splurge hahaha .

So i bought two accessories that have owl in them :D a necklace and a ring :D

the necklace cost me i think PHP100 :d  Which i think is kinda cheap since it has three owls lol and a ring wich cost me PHP60 i think haha XD

Then i bought two accessories that have heart in them and one that has L<3ve in it haha :d I LOVE CONNECTOR RINGS :D haha especially the connector ring with the l<3ve logo in it haha  the l<3ve ring was for PHP60 i think? xD then the heart with the wing was PHP65? XD  it is a connector ring too :D XD and the last one is the heart necklace witch i think im going to give my mom haha lol :D

The last thing i bought was shoes haha i really needed it XD

AND THATS ALL FOR NOW haha :D maybe next time :)

Bye <3 love angel ;)

Otw to tutuban :D

Maybe id do a haul or something when i get home? haha Goodmorning :D

Mini Haul

ANNYEONG HASEYO :) I went to the mall today with my dad :D and iw as generous enough to buy me a shirt :D haha

This will just be a quick mini haul :D hope you like it :D

First is a shirt from American BLVD :D

this was the shirt my dad gave me :D

and the thing i bought was A TANK TOP still from american BLVD :D   It was on sale and i had to get one hahaha :D

the third and last thing i bought was  KEYCHAINS from Blue magic :D  AWW SO CUTE :D Im going to give my friend the other one hihi :3

Thats what i bought haha i told you it was a mini haul haha :D  if you are ever reading this :D  KAMSAHAMNIDA :D

BYE ;) love angel :D  too cute :D

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